Webster Drilling and Exploration Limited is a general drilling company established in 1983. Since inception it has carried out many contracts in New Zealand covering anchor installation, geotechnical, oil and gas exploration (mainly seismic), oil and gas well drilling, coal and mineral, environmental, landfill gas extraction, and water well drilling.


In addition to the New Zealand based work, drilling contracts have been completed in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Antarctica, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Mozambique, Canadian Arctic, Brunei, India, Caribbean, Cameroon, DR Congo and throughout the Pacific Islands.


We have worked in a variety of locations including barge based, within tunnels, under and behind buildings, boat based, helicopter supported and frequently manufacture specialist drilling modules and air compressors for site-specific tasks.


In 2011 we purchased a VR-500 super single drilling rig, which was named Nova-1. Nova-1 has been successfully drilling energy wells in Taranaki, New Zealand since 2012.


The company has an extensive range of over 100 drilling rigs from people portable rigs to super single oil & gas rig. The rig inventory includes over 25 specialist anchor drilling rigs.


The company currently has about 85 employees with additional contract drillers and labour employed as required. The employees have a wide variety of drilling experience and the senior management team has over 165 years experience in the drilling industry.


All general drilling services are provided for including drilling consultancy services. Specific drill rig manufacturing is also carried out, normally as individual specialist units. Much of the mechanical and engineering services required to support the drilling operation is carried out from the workshop base in Wellington with outwork being completed as required.


Webster Drilling and Exploration is a member of the New Zealand Drillers Federation and the International Association of Drilling Contractors and has been approved as a registered United Nations Vendor.


The company UN Vendor ID is # 17529.